nozomi rose
untitled (hope)
acrylic on canvas
dimension variable
2012-2014. acrylic on a found, unstretched canvas, cut and suspended from the ceiling.

The artist created this sculptural installation for the Consulate General of Japan in New York, based on her own sculpture from 2001 with the same title. The word (hope) is an English translation of the artist's name Nozomi. However, this fact makes it difficult for the viewer to understand the artist's intention because it starts to connote the Duchampian concept of "text on art." The work title in this case can be claiming the authorship of the artwork, the ownership of the physical object, or the sincere idea of what describes: hoping for the future. The viewer experiences an intimate relationship between sincerity and irony through this piece.

This photo is from its first installation in 2012. The installation is re-arranged in 2014 and currently on view in a gallery at Medgar Evers College, Brooklyn, New York.
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