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another view of all black art department
another view of all black art department
top: acrylic and wooden frame on canvas, bottom: acrylic on black paper (box created by the artist)
approximately 34" x 24" x 3"

* This black paper box goes behind a canvas painting (depth of 3 inches). This is an On Kawara-type box piece.

lid front: canvas painting with a wooden frame

black paper box: hand-painted texts visible in an open paper box (next image)

One day in 2015, I was suddenly inspired to create this work based on my own stand-up comedy script.

The image on canvas Click HERE to see the image, to me, personally, represents the American Slavery (a view from a window in the slave ships on the middle passage). This work is my personal reflection on teaching art as the only non-black Professor in an all-black art department at a historically black college in one of the world's largest university systems in 2014 when other universities had only one or no "non-white" art faculty member in art departments in the United States. The "lack of diversity" in my department was addressed in the following 3 years. I consider this work a snapshot of the “black” section inside the “white” institution: limited freedom within the protected area.